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About the Recertification Process

Each year, properties become subject to the recertification process pursuant to Section 8-11(f) of the Code of Miami-Dade County at 30 years for inland buildings and 25 years for coastal buildings and every 10-year interval thereafter for the life of the structure. For those properties that require certification, the property owner(s) receive notices to commence the process because their structures have just become subject to recertification. The Code provides 90 days for the submittal of the required report. Information on recertification inspections, guidelines and forms is available online. For more information on recertification submittals, call 786-315-2373.

Note that the following types of residences do not go through the recertification process: single-family homes, duplexes, and buildings with 10 occupant load or less and 2,000 square feet or less

If the property owner fails to obtain the recertification within the timeframe required, the property is referred to the Unsafe Structures Section, and an enforcement case is opened. The Unsafe Structure Section monitors the recertification process thereafter including posting the building unsafe; issuing a Notice of Violation; referring to the Unsafe Structures Board; reviewing Board Order timelines for compliance and repairs, orders to vacate, collection of enforcement costs and any other action deemed necessary. For information about the unsafe structures process and cases, call 786-315-2424.

How to use the portal

This portal allows you to search recertification cases from May 1996 to the present within the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources’ jurisdiction. Searches can be performed by folio, address, property owner name, property house number, street and case number. To see all cases in the system, click on “View all cases.” For cases that are referred to the Unsafe Structures Section, the system provides a link to the unsafe structures recertification enforcement case. For any case, to request documents, submit a public records request.

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