Filing Elapsed Time Readings

Customers who maintain and/or operate Utility or Non-Utility owned sanitary sewer pump stations in Miami-Dade County can use this application to electronically submit Elapsed Time (ET) readings.

Using this application will expedite the analysis of data and the response to irregular conditions for the benefit of the population and the environment.

It is managed by the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department’s Environmental Resources Management Division.


The Username has been changed.
Starting today you MUST type your Username as follows:
1. Do not type the leading zeros.
2. If you have only one Pump Station or multiple, you must add the letter A at the end of the Username.
Example 1: if you are Username is 99-00015, now you must type 99-15A
Example 2: if you are Username is 99-00634, now you must type 99-634A
3. If multiple Pump Stations, after log-in, the application will activate the Pump Station Number box where you can select your Pump Stations.
4. The Password remains the same.
For any questions about the electronic submittal of the Elapsed Time (ET) readings call 305-372-6920.



About Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations

As required by the Environmental Protection Ordinance (Chapter 24 of the Miami-Dade County Code), all permitted facilities that have a Utility or Non-Utility owned sanitary sewer pump station must collect monthly Elapsed Time (ET) readings and submit them to the County by no later than the 15th day of the following month.

The Elapsed Time (ET) data is necessary in order to maintain current and updated information regarding the operating conditions and moratorium status of private sanitary sewer pump stations.

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