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A ) Camera - Dome

Must meet requirements of Miami-Dade County Traffic Control Equipment Standards and Specifications Section 682 . Mounting hardware and installation must be designed to withstand 150 mph wind speed loading.
682-002-00405/05/2015Bosch Security Systems Inc.VG5-ITS1080P-30x4/(Autodome AD ITS Dynamic 7000 HD 30x Pend Clear); requires High POE Midspan 60W, Single Port, AC adaptor and pipe mount
682-002-01106/08/2016CohuHD Costar LLCModel 4220HD Series CCTV with 75W PoE++ Injector; Requires 600V rated field cable.
682-002-00902/02/2015GovComm Inc.GC-IMPO-FIZ6DE/with firmware Version V5.4.9 or greater; Delta Electronics, Inc. DIN Rail Power Supply Model DRP024V120W1BN and MOXA DIN Rail POE Injector Model INJ-24A-T; Approved for job lettings on or before June 30, 2020.

GovComm Inc.www.govComm.us
Bosch Security Systems Inc.www.us.boschsecurity.com
CohuHD Costar LLCwww.cohuhd.com

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