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678 - Traffic Controller Accessories

A ) Time Switch, Type 2

678-009-00504/24/2023RTC Manufacturing Inc.Model AP-22 Time Switch with 506475M2-ADV (communications harness), Advantech SmartFlex Router (Part No. BB-SR30500420-SWH) and PSD-A40W24 P/S; and Skywave Antenna Model 16-7024-C

B ) Conflict Monitor for 170/2070 Controllers

Type 170/179/2070 for use in MD-552 and MD-660 series cabinets; Compliance with MDPW Traffic Signals and Signs Division technical specification: Traffic Controller Assemblies Specifications, 2007 Edition
678-023-00111/04/2004Eberle Design Inc.2010ECL
678-023-00212/31/2008Eberle Design Inc.Model: 2018KCLip with Ethernet (ip) communication port

Eberle Design Inc.www.editraffic.com
RTC Manufacturing Inc.www.rtc-traffic.com

Deleted RTC Manufacturing Inc. CPR-2102 (05-17-2023)
Added RTC Manufacturing Inc. AP-22 (05-17-2023)

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