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671 - Traffic Controller

A ) 2070LX Traffic Controller

The controllers listed below were evaluated for use within Miami-Dade County MD-660X traffic signal cabinets and subject to the requirements of the Section 671 of the Miami-Dade County Traffic Control Equipment Standards and Specifications (https://www.miamidade.gov/publicworks/library/section-671-traffic-signal-controllers.pdf).
671-019-009*08/28/2017Yunex Traffic A Siemens BusinessModel 2070LX

* Pursuant to 23 CFR 635.411(a)(2), the Yunex Traffic A Siemens Business model number 2070LX traffic signal controller (FDOT APL# 671-019-009) with its SEPAC local controller software has been standardized for use within the Miami-Dade traffic signal system and essential for synchronization with highway facilities within Miami-Dade County. Field deployment of any other controller within Miami-Dade County is subject to project-specific approval by the Manager of the Traffic Signal Operations Engineering Section or as directed by the Chief of the TSS Division; and manufacturer testing and certification of full integration of the manufacturer’s pre-loaded controller software with the TSS Division Traffic Management Center’s designated ATMS central software prior to project’s pre-construction conference.

Yunex Traffic A Siemens Businesswww.yunextraffic.com/global/en/

History: REMOVED McCain Model D170E, McCain Model 2070LX, Intelight Model 2070LC, and Safetran Model ATC 2070C (04-26-2021)
ADDED Intelight Model 2070LC (09-12-2018)
ADDED Yunex Traffic, A Siemens Business Model 2070LX (08-27-2018)
ADDED McCain Model 2070LX (04-19-2018)
ADDED Safetran Model ATC 2070C (04-07-2017)

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