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654 - Midblock Crosswalk Enhancement Assemblies

A ) Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Assembly

Dual forward and rear facing rectangular shaped Yellow LED modules; Stainless Steel hardware; Flash operation commences upon pedestrian push button; push button station has locator tone and a verbal message to audibly and visually advise pedestrian that rapid flash beacons are activated; complete with MUTCD fluorescent yellow/green compliant dual sided pedestrian crossing symbol signage; Assembly must meet the requirements of Miami-Dade County Specifications for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons.
654-001-01309/24/2021Carmanah Technologies Corp.Model SC315-G with Polara iNX APS; Solar 80W panel and 100 AH battery (C&D Technologies Inc. Model VRS 12-100HIT or East Penn Manufacturing Co. Model MK 8A31DT) or AC Power
654-001-00910/23/2019TAPCORRFB-XL2 Series as approved by Miami-Dade County; Solar Powered or AC Powered (radio or radioless) and Polara Model iNX (Mid-Block APS for RRFB)

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REPLACED Polara XAV2E-LED-B with Polara Model iNX (05-10-2022)

DELETED Carmanah Model SC315 SOLAR and AC (05-10-2022)

ADDED Carmanah Model SC315G (05-10-2022)

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