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635 - Pull And Junction Boxes

A ) Pull Box and Covers

Meet the requirements of Section 635 of the Miami-Dade County Traffic Control Equipment Standards and Specifications.
635-001-07709/02/2022American Polymer CompanyPC 1324
635-001-07909/02/2022American Polymer CompanyPC2436
635-001-02005/28/1997Armorcast Products Co.Model A6001946TAPCX12
635-001-07211/01/2017Oldcastle Infrastructure Model 1324 Duralite; 12” depth
635-001-05103/18/2010Quazite (Division of Hubbell)Model A24132412AR81
635-001-02507/05/2001Quazite (Division of Hubbell)Model PG1324BA12

Oldcastle Infrastructure www.oldcastleinfrastructure.com/brands/duralite/
Armorcast Products Co.www.armorcastprod.com

American Polymer Companywww.apcunderground.com/
Quazite (Division of Hubbell)www.hubbell.com/hubbellpowersystems/en/hps-brands/quazite

Addition of American Polymer Company Models PC1324 and PC2436 (04-11-2024)
Addition of Oldcastle Infrastructure Model 1324 Duralite Pull Box and Cover (09-14-2023)
Delete Items not currently on the FDOT APL 63510141707043, 63510140210103, and 63510142448013.(03/18/2022)
CDR Pull Box Failures: MODEL SA24-1324-SERIES 12/18/2006 APL # 63510140413053 REMOVED from APL (2/12/09)
CDR Pull Box Redesigned with new FDOT APL (03/18/10)
Addition of “A-1” Pull Boxes & Covers for use w/TID equipment to QPL (03-03-11)

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